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About me!

As long as I can remember I have always had three great passions; video, listening and telling stories but these first two passions cannot exist without the third one, which is travel.
All my academic and professional choices are governed by these three passions which have accompanied me throughout my life and they will always continue to do so.

I hold a master's degree in cultural project management.
I also hold a master's degree in journalism from the school of Journalism of Paris, France. One of the most recognized journalism schools
I aim to hold a business administration certificate at York University at the and of the year.

Then I worked for 12 years as a TV producer.

I started my career with the production of fiction movies. I followed by five years in production of TV shows, then I joined a communication agency and made 6 years of production of advertising movies.

In addition to managing the production for Tv, I launched my YouTube channel in 2015 which I called CITYZAYN.

Traveling off the beaten track, discovering, without preconceived ideas, lifestyles and meeting other people are the principles of this YouTube channel.
Although I could not devote a lot of time to this project since I had a very busy job, Cityzayn allowed me to realize some achievements.

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